Thursday, January 15, 2015

Taking Inventory

Hi Malifolks!

It started out innocently enough. Just a single crew box, Mr Jacob Lynch to be precise, and it was supposed to be a small affair. Like the addictive brilliance that Lynch peddles in his own infamous establishment, I felt that I simply wanted a little more.

The new plastics and rules were what really lured me in. As a long time Warmachine/Hordes collector and player, I'm naturally drawn to the steampunk aesthetic and the new direction Wyrd was taking with the game was pretty enticing to me. I picked up a few more support pieces for Lynch and delved into the lore.

For anyone who knows me at the LGS, I have a reputation for being a bit of a hoarder when it comes to miniatures. I'd rather gather my beautiful pieces and display them than set realistic expectations on actually learning every model on the tabletop. I've assembled some miniatures that have never seen a single game before. If I could pile them high and rest in a mountain of them like Smaug the Dragon, I would, if there weren't so many spiky bits.

I picked up a few more crews. The Hungering Darkness had me completely.

As it stands, my Malifaux collection is a little out of hand. I have pieces from multiple factions and there are more on the way. I would like to set some personal goals on not only getting these models painted, but also making sure they get some play time. I recently picked up the Through the Breach RPG books and I plan to use all if these miniatures in that game if nothing else.

So here's to a year where models get painted and hopefully played! And maybe just one more Crew to add to the collection...

- Derek

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