Thursday, January 15, 2015

Good Things Happen!

Hi Malifolks!

It is a brand new year and I've found myself drawn into a new world. I've officially left Earthside, stepped through that swirling portal to uncertainty and truly thrown my lot into Wyrd's uncanny realm of Malifaux!

As a long time miniatures player, but a staggering newbie to Malifaux, I feel I can offer an interesting perspective for new players who are also tempted to step in and learn the ropes. I also hope to offer some insightful, or at least entertaining, posts to the veterans of the game.

It is my goal to have this blog archive my journey into all things Malifaux by posting hobby projects, battle reports, theorycraft, Through the Breach RPG session recaps and the occasional fiction. I'm also planning to apply to become our location's Henchmen and will be posting on what that process will be like.

So feel free to join me, you heroes and heretics, and let's see just what this new year has in store for us!

- Derek


  1. Here here. Good luck chum on your journey, my personal goal is to achieve learning of the game and build a table this year. Will look forward to your updates.


  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I also hope to get a decent looking tabletop together this year. I've been looking at the Plastcraft line of terrain, but don't have any experience with their products yet. I may just need to pick a few buildings and see how they turn out.