Monday, January 19, 2015


Battle Report- Ophelia vs Pandora 40ss


   Fugue State
   The Box Opens

   Fear Given Form
 Baby Kade

   Jug Rocket
   My Big Gun
Pere Ravage
3 x Young Lacriox

"Get out there and find that soulstone cache!" Ophelia hollered pointing in two different directions and watching her kin scatter. Lenny had told her he hid it in one of the abandoned buildings on the
edge of the city, but he hadn't told her exactly where. The boys scrambled out, Rami headed to the nearby tower to scope out a better vantage point. Rapheal moved forward then stopped cold. Ophelia, nudged him with the handle of her pistol.
"What ya see out there?"
"Maybe it was nothin' boss, but I thought I saw a woman out there, she was awful pretty." Rapheal stammered. Ophelia scratched her head as he began walking forward, almost in a trance.
"Rapheal get yer green butt back here!" Ophelia snapped, but it seemed to be no use. "Pere, go up there and slap some sense into that boy!"
Pere Ravage tottered up towards the wandering gremlin and gasped. "Boss! We got company! I see a lil baby and a a girl! Shouldn't be too much to worry about!"
"You idiot!" Ophelia snapped. "Those aren't really real kids, those are monsters." She moved up towards the tower to get a good vantage point and fired twice at Candy, who simply faded into mist (2 points for Murder Protege).

From behind a building Pandora hissed in frustration. It would take Candy a long time to reappear after that blast. She moved up from her vantage point and whispered to the female gremlin, reminding her of how terrible and pointless life really was. The gremlin cocked her pistol and fired, putting a bullet right into her mid section.

A young lacroix scooted up to give Ophelia back her Jug Rocket while another tried to take a shot at Pandora and missed. Rapheal was so enchanted by the beckoner that he didn't see Baby Kade slip up and stab him in the back.

Pere Ravage tossed a dynamite at Baby Kade and Ophelia finished the woe off. Pandora's forces were looking a bit lighter, but the gremlins couldn't seem to get a good angle to shoot the slippery Neverborn. Francois was surprised by a silurid that leapt out of nowhere to swipe at him angrily. THe creature missed both times, managing only to knock Francois' hat off. The wily gunfighter sprinted away and tried a shot at Pandora, missing again and causing the Neverborn to vanish around a building.

Finally into position in his tower, Rami called out, "I got her boss!" and fired twice at Pandora. The woman vanished in a puff of mist. (3 points to my opponent for Assassinate) Pere Ravage moved up to investigate only to be gutted by the Silurid, who died in the explosion that followed. (2 points to me for Murder Protege) The beckoner  caught Ophelia's fancy and the gremlin never knew what hit her as the nearby Sorrow drained her last bit of willpower.
"Get out of here!" Where the last words on Ophelia's lips as she fell to the ground, completely wiped out. (2 points to me for Assassinate, plus I had a point for Reconnoiter second turn)
Francois growled as his boss was laid out and took a shot at the woman on the balcony. He was pretty
sure he hit, but she didn't go down. "Get her Rami!" He yelled.
The beckoner tossed out her magic one more time, luring Rami straight off his tower and nearly killing him in the process. Rami shook off the charm, took aim and fired. "That'll get ya, you nasty wench." He muttered as his shot rang true and she collapsed.
He and Francois surveyed the battlefield. Dead gremlins and the corpse of a lizard where all that remained. They grabbed the unconscious Ophelia and dragged her off before any more monsters came out of the night.

Final total was a tie of 5-5. He would have gotten 6 points if my opponent hadn't gotten kill happy and allowed me to drag Rami off the tower and too close to the middle. All in all it was a fun game and I was surprised just how much damage gremlins can do. Candy and Baby Kade got blown off the map in no time. 
Until next time, keep Cheating Fate! - John Fox

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